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Samantha Bullen

Operations Manager

Born in London but lived in Australia most of my life, I started dancing when I was two with Highland dancing and then ballet in Gloucester Shire NSW. Since then dancing, in all its forms, has been a very important part of my life for over 46 years. I don’t remember a time I wasn’t dancing. I started Ballroom Dancing around 33 years ago I was very lucky to have the opportunity to start teaching soon after and I have continued to teach dancing for about 32 years.

I have done many other jobs over the years from working with animals in many different zoo’s to database management, complaints and IT management in the Northern Territory with the Dept of Health but teaching dancing whenever possible throughout my whole life is the job that brings me the most fulfilment. I love to see the joy of dancing in other people. It is a mind, body and soul activity and I hold in high regard the same values that partner dancing teaches. Respect, Resilience, Self Belief, Teamwork and Courage.
I also value knowledge and as such have a BSc Majoring in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology and I am a qualified Personal Trainer. I am currently studying Counselling.

I have a 5-year-old Daughter (often seen at end of year/term events) and a 24-year-old son that both love to dance.

Working for Dancesport Confidence for the last five years has been a fantastic experience. The passion and the dedication to world-class standards is a wonderful environment to be involved in, as too is the dedication to the core values of the program. I can’t put into words how amazing it is to be surrounded by these incredibly talented and like-minded teachers. I am so passionate about Dancesport Confidence that I commute from the Hunter Valley to work in Sydney whenever necessary.
Taking on the role of Operations Manager has brought yet another amazing element to my life in this amazing company.  I love the way it has extended my skills in IT, communication, management and event preparation.
I bring 100% dedication to the program and its values. My goal is not to just teach the students the dances and the values but to encourage them to embrace partner dancing and the other lessons it teaches like communication, teamwork, trust and responsibility and to hold on to those skills throughout their lives.