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Certificate IV in Dance is the beginning of your professional career training. In this program students transfer their current knowledge and training into a professional environment, developing a strong foundation for continuing into the professional world.

World DanceSport Academy students become a part of a long-running network of students and industry leaders, who are behind each other every step of the way.  
They are then offered the amazing opportunity to work full or part-time hours at an ever-increasing number of locations in Australia and around the world.

Unit of Competency CodeUnit of Competency
CUACHR413  Develop Choreography Skills
CUADAN313  Develop and Apply Dance Partnering Techniques
CUADAN417  Develop Expertise In Dance Performance Technique
CUADLT412  Explore the Relationship between Music and Dance
CUADTM431  Design and Conduct Dance Learning Program
CUAIND411  Extend Expertise in Specialist Creative Fields
CUAPPR414  Develop Self as Artist
CUAPRF414  Develop Movement Skills for Performance
CUAPRF415  Rehearse for Performances
CUARES403  Research History and Theory to Inform Own Dance Practice
CUAWHS401  Apply Movement and Behavioural Principles to Conditioning
CUAWHS402  Participate in Gym and Resistance Training for Performance
CUAWHS406  Interact Appropriately with Children in the Workplace Environment