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The Certificate III course provides the foundations for performers aspiring to become professional artists. Students completing a Certificate III in Dance will increase their depth of precision technique, develop improvisation and partnering skills, perfect personal presentation and be well educated in various industry theory studies.

This course provides the preliminary fundamentals for students who wish to best prepare and shape their studies towards Elite Performance Tuition courses and ascertain a career pathway in professional Performing Arts.

Unit of Competency CodeUnit of Competency
CUACHR311  Develop Basic Dance Composition Skills
CUADAN310  Increase Depth of Social Dance Technique
CUADAN331  Integrate Rhythm in Dance or Movement Technique
CUADAN313  Develop and Apply Dance Partnering Techniques
CUADLT311  Develop Basic Dance Analysis Skills
CUADTM311  Assist With Dance Teaching
CUAIND311  Work Effectively in the Creative Arts Industry
CUAPPM311  Assist with Conceiving and Preparing Performance Spaces
CUAPRF317  Develop Performance Techniques
CUARES301  Apply Knowledge of History and Theory to Own Arts Practice
CUAWHS211  Develop a Basic Level of Physical Condition for Dance Performance
CUAWHS311  Condition the Body for Dance Performance
HLTAID003  Provide First Aid