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CAREER PATHWAY Performing, Choreographing, Teaching/Coaching, Adjudicating, Event Organising.

Certificate II in Dance Certificate III in Dance Certificate IV in Dance Diploma of Dance (future proposal) Advance Diploma of Dance (future proposal)
  Trainee DanceSport Performer (Recreational Division) Recreational Division DanceSport Performer
Amateur Division C & B Grade DanceSport Performer Amateur Division A Grade DanceSport Performer
(Pre-professional level)
Professional Division DanceSport Performer
Trainee DanceSport Instructor (Assistant Instructor) DanceSport Instructor DanceSport Teacher DanceSport Teacher/Coach
Trainee DanceSport Choreographer DanceSport Amateur
Division Choreographer
DanceSport Professional Division Choreographer
Event Organisation Assistant (Internship) Trainee Event Organiser Event Organiser
Trainee DanceSport Adjudicator DanceSport Adjudicator
Trainee DanceSport Training Facility Manager