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“Our mission is to change an entire generation through their ability to communicate by dancing together”

Gordon Gilkes


The World DanceSport Academy is committed, through its programs, to addressing the skill development requirements necessary for people to participate and work in the DanceSport industry whether it be as a participant at primary school level or a teacher or studio proprietor in the professional industry.

Courses conducted by DanceSport Confidence and the World DanceSport Academy aim to ensure the highest standards of skill development while providing a career pathway for participants to aspire to the highest levels of DanceSport accreditation. Learners who become accredited through the World DanceSport Academy are expected to demonstrate excellence in practical performance along with knowledge and analytical skills applicable to their level of qualification and their area of participation within the DanceSport industry. Each course is genre-specific according to the individual learner’s area of involvement in DanceSport and their entry-level skills.


The roles of Performer, Instructor/Coach, Adjudicator and Event Organiser are important roles in the DanceSport industry and each one offers career opportunities for those who are skilled in one or more of these areas. Often a participant’s career pathway may commence as a performer then move to an instructor position followed by coaching, adjudicating and/or event management roles.

The DanceSport industry includes all Dance genres that are undertaken in competition. This document and accompanying course documents address DanceSport genres that require a partner with whom to perform and participate. (i.e. International Style Ballroom, International Style Latin American, American Smooth, American Rhythm, Street Latin and Rock).

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